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      Who are we?
      We are one of YYC's only natural pet food stores with a commercial bakery, just for pets. We have a few locations around the city (your homework to find out where) and are looking for an individual or individuals that have a TRUE passion about animals. Not just that you like them, but you essentially want to know everything about them and how to make their lives better! We help educate pet parents on animal welfare with a TON of different wonderful products, while making fun things for them like cakes and ice cream! Our team is made up of a group of "eclectic" individuals and we are looking to expand our BAPT team.

      This is important, so listen up! What are we looking for?
      We are looking for an individual that can mesh with our crazy vibes. Work should be both fun and educational - we are a pet bakery after all! We are all over the city and always looking for new opportunities, so if you have your own form of transportation that would be ideal. Although summer positions are a possibility, it would be fantastic if you are looking for something for the long run. If you are happy and willing to work Sundays, even better! Excellent customer service is a given, grumps need not apply. We are a bakery, therefore comfortability in a kitchen setting is required. You will be required to make cakes and cookies with pet friendly ingredients. So if you can't stomach liver milkshakes, this may not be the job for you. If product training is not your forte, run. A desire to learn is essential as we have an overwhelming amount of products (that is forever evolving) for you to learn about and educate our customers about. We prefer to not have to monitor your every move, so an ability to work independently, remain on schedule and on-task, and to properly manage your time and priorities throughout the day with minimal supervision is required. We are always open to merchandising and marketing suggestions. Social media is our Achilles heel, so if you have tips and tricks, we must chat. Experience in IG worthy pictures? Show us, help us, talk to us! Fit is more important than skill, so please let your personality shine.

      That all sounds great - what's next?
      We get hundreds, if not thousands of resumes and yes our hiring team looks at each and every single one! So please - make yours different and stand out! How? It's simple - tell us about you and why you would want to join our team! Sorry, we don't mean to disappoint, but we only have a limited number of positions available. So if at first you don't succeed, try, try again (with some changes to your application).

      Where/when/how many are we looking to hire?
      Our hiring managers are both lazy and busy. The sooner we fill the positions the better, so we can task them with something else to do. We do not really have a strict timeline as to when we need to hire by. The number of positions we are looking to fill will be dependent on the successful individual(s). If they are wanting more hours for their schedule we have 1 position, if they are wanting less hours we may have up 3 positions open.

      Summer position?
      Yes, we have a summer outdoor position! But as with all things Covid related, we really have no idea what is happening with that at the moment. It would be great if the ideal candidate would be willing to work multiple locations (indoor and outdoor). Easier for us to schedule, and more hours for you - bonus!

      The technical stuff.
      You must be able to lift 50lb. We move a lot of stuff around the store and for customers.....A LOT. Retail experience would be an asset, however, training will be provided. Lots of it, so be prepared. In addition to your hourly wages, we offer staff discounts and a staff pet feeding program.

      We are ONLY accepting resumes via email. Please do not call or walk in applications - they get lost and we will not get these! While we appreciate all interested applicant submissions, only those selected will be contacted for an interview.

      If you have made it to then end of this post, we thank you for your time! We look forward to your seeing your resumes WITH intros/cover letters to . Good luck!

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